Bullet Journal: My Monthly Design 2.0

When I tried BuJo for the first time, I failed on the Future Log.
In my second attempt, I use the Calendex method in combination with a monthly log that I developed as follows:

(A) Monthly Log: Requirements

A monthly log in my opinion should meet two requirements: maximum overview and easy creation:

1. Create an overview of the entire month for

  • the structure of the month: number of days, weeks including Week numbers
  • Events
  • Tasks with due dates
  • Tasks to be done this month generally (yearly repetitive tasks)
  • tracking habits
  • Quarterly goals: weekly milestones
  • projects relevant to the current month

2. Easy creation

  • too playful usually takes up too much space
  • needs artistic skills
  • Uses energy unnecessarily – therefore costs overcoming when putting on

(B) History of Origin

1. First attempt as a classic tabular calendar sheet: Every day in a box

  • I had to experiment so that all fields were the same size
  • has cost a lot of space: 8×6 boxes to accommodate all daily appointments in one box
  • the boxes should have been higher so that more would fit in a day box
    Conclusion: I need more rows for a day – but this would have reached the limits of the notebook. But – a double page is wider than a page length.

2. Second attempt: list

The basis was the Ryder Carroll system as described in his book: A monthly calendar as list – very easy to create.
My learnings led to two modifications:
– Modification 1: I need more space for the calendar: I put the calendar on a double page.

  • Modification 2: I need space für tasks, monthly goals + habit tracker. A Dutch Door would serve to create additional space for this.

    After a few weeks of practice this solution feels very comfortable. I do not need an weekly spread. Using a GTD-context list created by my weekly review i plan my days only with the help of mine monthly log and feel great to have everything under control.

How do you set up your monthly log?





2 responses to “Bullet Journal: My Monthly Design 2.0”

  1. Robert Brewer avatar

    Hallo Michael, ich habe auch mein eigenes Journal gemacht aber brauchte ein bisschen mehr Platz, also habe ich es wöchentlich gemacht. Aber jeder sein eigenes würde ich sagen.

    1. Michael Kamutzki avatar
      Michael Kamutzki

      Genau, das ist ja das Charmante am Bullet Journal: Es ist sehr flexibel anpassbar!