Using Colors in Nozbe connecting the Horizons of Focus

try and error

I tried many many times to find a meaningful use case for the colors in Nozbe:
– I gave each Areas of Focus a color (e.g. violet for work in general, red for „pastor“, blue for „friend“ and so on.
– I differentiated work and private projects through colors
– I pictures the course of each project with colors (e.g. red for projects that were stuck, yellow if all ist fine, green for completed projects)
But – all these tries weren’t satisfying.

Horizons of Focus: A new Approach

Yesterday i designed the GTD-Horizons of Focus simply in excel. On the 50.000 feet level i defined my values, in the levels lying underneath this values i tagged using a value-specific color. For example on 50.000 feet i defined the value „family“, this card gets the yellow label „family“. This label reoccured on the other levels to represent the connection of this Horizon with the value.

The Areas of Focus are the pivot point, where this overview in excel must pass over to my Projektmanagemantsystem Nozbe. But how?

Labels and colors in Nozbe to bridge the gap

To bridge the gap between the big picture, the personal leadership-board, and the concrete projects and tasks in Nozbe (personal management) i use labels and colors:

labels with a „#“ stand for my areas of Focus.

Reviewing weekly my projects i use this labels to focus on my goals.

colors represent these areas of focus too

So i have a nice overview, when i‘m planning my day every morning: to distinguish goal orientated tasks from others and to do first things first.