When I tried BuJo for the first time, I failed on the Future Log.
In my second attempt, I use the Calendex method in combination with a monthly log that I developed as follows:

(A) Monthly Log: Requirements

A monthly log in my opinion should meet two requirements: maximum overview and easy creation:

1. Create an overview of the entire month for

  • the structure of the month: number of days, weeks including Week numbers
  • Events
  • Tasks with due dates
  • Tasks to be done this month generally (yearly repetitive tasks)
  • tracking habits
  • Quarterly goals: weekly milestones
  • projects relevant to the current month

2. Easy creation

  • too playful usually takes up too much space
  • needs artistic skills
  • Uses energy unnecessarily – therefore costs overcoming when putting on

(B) History of Origin

1. First attempt as a classic tabular calendar sheet: Every day in a box

  • I had to experiment so that all fields were the same size
  • has cost a lot of space: 8×6 boxes to accommodate all daily appointments in one box
  • the boxes should have been higher so that more would fit in a day box
    Conclusion: I need more rows for a day – but this would have reached the limits of the notebook. But – a double page is wider than a page length.

2. Second attempt: list

The basis was the Ryder Carroll system as described in his book: A monthly calendar as list – very easy to create.
My learnings led to two modifications:
– Modification 1: I need more space for the calendar: I put the calendar on a double page.

  • Modification 2: I need space für tasks, monthly goals + habit tracker. A Dutch Door would serve to create additional space for this.

    After a few weeks of practice this solution feels very comfortable. I do not need an weekly spread. Using a GTD-context list created by my weekly review i plan my days only with the help of mine monthly log and feel great to have everything under control.

How do you set up your monthly log?

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