Recommended reading: Free to Focus

Getting focus in a noisy world: I was honored to read a digital pre-release of the new book by Michael Hyatt Free to Focus – I can only say: wow! The new Book of Michael Hyatt is the missing link of theory behind his „Full Focus Planner“ (FFP) – apart from the ideas of Goal-receiving, which is explicated in bis books „Your best Year Ever“ and „Living Forward“ – each of them still worth reading and the backbone of the FFP.

Doing the right things instead of „Getting it all done“ – the concepts behind such powerful tools like „The ideal week“, „The Daily Big Three“ and the daily rituals were explained to show the treasure they contain – a guide to achieving more by doing less.
May be the necessarily supplement and contemporary extension of the „GTD“-approach!

The officially release is at April 9 but it’s already a top bestseller on Amazon! Michael Hyatt is giving away over $498 in bonuses if you pre-order the book today. Details at FreeToFocusBook.com

Von Michael Kamutzki

Pfr. Michael Kamutzki, geb. 1971
Studium der Theologie und Gerontologie
Ausbildung zum ehrenamtlichen Sterbebegleiter und in Integrativer Validation
Lehrtätigkeit an Berufsschulen für Altenpflege
Vorträge zum Thema Demenz und Seelsorge
Pfarrer in der ev. Kirchengemeinde Schwerte - Arbeitsschwerpunkt Seniorenarbeit.
Seit 2018 Pfarrer am Eduard-Spranger-Berufskolleg Hamm.